Los Angeles

Four years ago I was choosing between  schools: Chapman University in Orange, California, and Ryerson University in Toronto. Vastly different places, but I chose Ryerson because I wanted to learn more about the city I was born in, the program I went into was really unique, and tuition was about a quarter of the cost of Chapman's (even with a scholarship).

I'm so happy that I chose Ryerson and I'm thankful for all that this city taught me. Despite the awful transit system and condo-infested skyline, I love Toronto and everyone I met who made these past 4 years.

Fast forward 6 months later, I'm sitting at a coffee shop in West Hollywood a few blocks from where I've lived since July. I really wish I had finished this post, but the end of last semester was a crazy rollercoaster of emotions yet a whirlwind of which I cherished every moment. I seldom find myself missing the actual city, but I miss the people I met there every day.

Moving across the continent to Los Angeles has been, without a doubt, the adventure I hoped it would be. Though it only lasted about a month, my skin was crawling while living in white suburbia in Connecticut and northern California. I was itching to get back to the #citylife as fast as possible, which was originally supposed to be San Francisco. That changed when I didn't get the job I thought I had, and I let everyone's negative opinions about SF transform my own opinions. Everyone's response when I told them I was moving to San Fransisco was only about its overpriced rent and costly living expenses.

While I was back home in Connecticut this past June, the photojournalist I work for in New York City suggested I move to LA instead. That's when my boyfriend and I started thinking about it more seriously and after a few emails and phone calls to craigslist postings, I found ourselves a place starting July 1st. Three weeks later, I started my job as Web Design Project Manager at a small digital web/marketing agency in Santa Monica.


Now that we've established where I am, let's go back to Toronto. I saw someone studying recently and it made me realize how much I actually miss learning. But I don't miss the cold, the streetcars, the 2-line subway system that doesn't run all night, and the Canadian dollar. I do miss Balzac's, cake batter Timbits, and The Senator, and more importantly than all of that (I mean that's all just food...), my friends. That's undoubtedly the hardest part about seeking an adventure somewhere new and leaving behind what's familiar.

After moving to different cities around the world for the past few years, I think missing people has become familiar. But even more importantly than everything I miss is the present: I am really happy with my present situation. I really like my job, I love where I live, and I couldn't ask for anything more than the ability to go to the beach and not freeze to death in November. I've wanted that since I can remember and it feels really good to have accomplished that goal. There are a number of other goals I'm hoping to accomplish here in LA, and now that I finally feel comfortable here, I feel confident in working towards accomplishing those goals.

This blog is a start.

El Matador Beach, Malibu

El Matador Beach, Malibu

Michaela Fraser