My brother gifted me with Siddartha by Herman Hesse for Christmas, which I finished a couple weeks ago with all the time I had at the Frankfurt train stations (see previous post).

I hadn't heard of it but a few people interrupted me whilst reading on the subway in New York to tell me it was their favorite book. It's about "the spiritual journey of self-discovery named Siddartha, during the time of the Gautama Buddha" (thank you Wikipedia). This was the English translation from the original German text so after my 3.5 week intensive German course I totally could have read it in German ha ha

I would recommend this book to anyone because of all the amazing quotes and inspiring themes that are perfect for any 20-something who has no idea where they're going to be in a year, let alone tomorrow, cause who really knows that? And isn't that the best part? We're all completely lost in our own way and are constantly looking to "find ourselves." I put that in quotes because I thought that meant nothing until I read this book. Not saying that I've "found myself" after reading it, but saying I have a better understanding of the journey to get there.

One of the major themes is our obsession with materialism. I smashed my phone screen on Friday night. If you've dropped your phone, you know how bad that feeling is when you first pick it up to see the damage. My screen is definitely the worst I've ever seen but it made a pretty cool pattern.

After that, I was really upset (mostly because I was not entirely sober) but I woke up the next morning extremely mad at myself because I cried over dropping an iPhone!?! I hate my attachment to material things (besides my orange water bottle). The reason I like flying so much is because you can be completely disconnected from the world (I feel that way a bit less now cause of the missing Malaysian flight ...). I definitely don't mind being able to post a daily photo on Instagram though, and I WILL get all these photos printed when my travels are over. How scary is it to think that so many people will barely have any photos to actually hold in the future? Pixels on a screen got nothing on a printed photo. I carry my film camera everywhere and I can't wait to get all the rolls developed at the end of this.

Since Dublin and London, things here have been sehr gut. I finished my "intensive" German course (hopefully passed the final *fingers crossed*). The weather has continued to be absolutely gorgeous, besides a random hour of snow last Monday. That was kind of nice too because as much as I don't miss it, it reminded me of home. I only get pangs of homesickness when I'm alone or thinking too much by myself.

We stayed out until sunrise this morning and it was so worth it. We went to Ludwigsburg last weekend, a really nice city just north of Stuttgart. I had my first döner kebab and my life has changed for the better. It's no Toronto street meat/Brooklyn slice/Smoke's poutine, but it's definitely the greatest, greasiest food I've had here so far.

This is the first week of actual classes. I went to 2 last week and it's really refreshing to have the opportunity to learn about such different topics here. I have 2 courses that actually fall under the "Industrial Print Media" minor that we're technically supposed to be doing, but why do all those when I could learn about mobile app development? Exactly ok going to pass out now zzzzZZZZ

On a terrace of a rooftop penthouse(?) of a dorm building that they somehow turn into a bar/club on Wednesdays

On a terrace of a rooftop penthouse(?) of a dorm building that they somehow turn into a bar/club on Wednesdays

Michaela Fraser