Greetings from Brooklyn

The last site that I shared my life on was back in 2006. I just checked and that site actually does still exist and apparently they’re working on releasing version 2.0. Best wishes to them on that endeavor.

Thankfully this is for an entirely different purpose, which is for the internship I’m doing until I leave for Germany on March 1, and then to write about my life abroad, just as the majority of college juniors and seniors are doing right now ! original ! cool !

Germany is really cool and so *not* mainstream, meaning my “winter” semester doesn’t start until March (and doesn’t end until the end of July). I am very fortunate to have a wonderful boyfriend that lives in Brooklyn and is nice enough (and Joe hi if you ever read this) to let me live here. I lived with them this past summer for 4 months and have been here since I left Toronto in mid-December. Despite the fact that the whole apartment smells like tequila right now (someone spilled it in the freezer who knows how long ago and I just got around to cleaning it) and beer cans are typically strewn throughout the place, I really enjoy being here nonetheless.


It’s weird having so much time off from school when it’s not summer and also weird being able to go home to Connecticut if I want to, like I did today to work for Philip Trager. He’s a photographer that I’ve had the fortune of working for since I was a junior in high school (almost 4 years now ?!?). I’ve learned so much from him and I genuinely enjoy working for him, since it entails tasks like editing pictures for his 2 upcoming books that will be published in the next year or two by a very famous German publisher, Steidl. I designed the jackets for both books and also helped him prepare for his 4-month exhibit at the New York Public Library last year. He probably knows Photoshop better than you do and he’s 80 years old.

I usually help Phil one day a week and the other days I work for a photojournalist in NYC, work at Joe Fresh for some extra $$$ for Europe, and have an internship at Pantone. I don’t think I could begin to explain my excitement about this opportunity I’ve been given but I started on Monday and I am so very happy and thrilled to be there. I started contacting the Director of Textiles at Pantone in November 2012, whose email I got at a trade show that my program encourages us to go to, to network as such. I wanted to do an internship there this past summer, but that didn’t happen so I tried again. I kept trying, got a phone call from the Technical Director one day at school, and arranged to meet everyone in the Advanced Color Technology lab when I returned from Toronto in December. They are all extremely welcoming and willing to teach me. I was given a tour of the headquarters that day and realized that a great deal of what I learn in my program is actually applicable in real life, and at a company that I’ve dreamt of working at for so long.  It still feels like a dream but somehow it’s actually happening.


It took me a whole train ride back to Grand Central (express train though ok about 70 minutes?) to write this but I think that’s a good enough description of my life right now.  Bai

O K I wrote this as a word doc (since there’s no wifi on the train u know) and I was actually stuck on that train for 3 hours if you were wondering. They called it “indefinite signal problems.” The MTA is really dropping the ball this winter.  *sigh* I promise to try to make the next post less sarcastic than this one.

Michaela Fraser